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The Right Tool For Flight School
Learning to kiteboard is easy-when done the right way. Windwing SkyFoil Trainer/Stunt kites will get you where you want to go, whether you are headed for bigger things, or simply looking for one of the highest performing, easy-to-fly ram-air kites on the market. These kites pack the pull and handling of a high performance machine in a user-friendly (and price friendly) package.

The SkyFoil Trainers have all the technology and performance of the larger SkyFoilkites series as our trainer kites. They are fun to fly on their own, and both can be used on snow for lightweight riders and juniors (under 100 lbs).

Windwing SkyFoil Trainers come complete with control bar, flying lines, carrying bag, and instructional video.
For purchasing informationĀ please visit www.windexpress.comĀ or an authorized Windwing dealer.