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Rampage II


Rapture II
Rage II

Windwing knows you work hard for your money and we respect that. This is why we will always strive to provide you with  a better value. In kites, best prices does not equal the better value. Superior durability, performance and safety are the qualities that ultimately make our kites attactive to the economically savy buyer.

Your safety is never far from our minds in the design of our kites and bars. Bow style and SLE kites have helped to eliminate many of the dangers involved in kiting. Problems arise when something goes wrong… pulleys break, kites invert, parts fail or a bridle wraps a tip and turns the kite into a looping monster. That’s why we design our kites with no pulleys and a simple, effective bridle that is highly resistant to wrapping or tangling.

Kites have made great strides in the past few years, but most experienced riders will tell you there is nothing like the direct, snappy feel of a traditional high projected C-kite. Thats why we start with the best of the traditional C-kite shapes and incorporate the best in high-tech and aerodynamic design. This allows our kite to sheet out to give you gust-busting confidence in the worst of conditions while still retaining traditional performance values.

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