Earth Wind and Ice

Snowkiting is phantasmagoria. Where else can one ascend a slope propelled by an unseen fist of wind? Where colored kites punctuate the sky like glyph….and rewards are frequent and sweet…? Easily learned, snowkiting, evolutionary, the backdoor introduction to kiteboarding….

Windwing kites, made SAFE for water are even more pronounced for snow and unforgiving hard ice. The Jump-Start system and our Rapture’s built in reverse launch capability is ideally made for winter. It is the inflatable kite’s passport to winter recreation. One kite, serving two seasons and mastering contrasting elements with ingenuity and sensibility.

Windwing hopes to recreate for you, snowy nirvana, hints of summer dreams with surreal winter flight.

Inflatable or Foil?

We make the best of both. Our foil kites are proven, and our inflatable kites are better than others for snow because of our exclusive Jumpstart System.
Foils are lighter to carry, more efficient, and you don’t need to pump them up, while Inflatables can be used on snow OR water, and the big ones fly better in extremely light wind. To learn more about snowkiting basics and to figure out which type of kite is right for you, check out Snowkiting 101.