Cruise Control Bar


The Windwing Cruise Control CC bar is a work in progress and ever changing. It is a complicated double-pulley sheeting system for extended range and silky-smooth resistance. The bar stays in place for one-handed and no-handed flying, and reduces rider fatigue. The CC bar features a tapered composite bar with raised EVA grip, spinning leash with Delrin collar, handle pass leash attachment, optional grab handle safety release and more. This is the sweetest and smoothest bar out there.

All bars puchased with lines come with 23m 4-color flying lines already installed. Replacement line sets are available in 20m, 23m, and 26m lengths. Windwing flying lines are made from pre-stretched Spectra cord with Dyneema sleeving and are tension rated to 600lbs (270kg) per line. Color coding gives contrast for better visibility on water and snow and reduces possibility of cross-connection. Sewn loop-sleeve sections are coated in heat-shrink clear tubing for easier de-tangling, and loops also have extra stitching at the top and bottom for added strength and durability.


The PRIMARY RELEASE SYSTEM is the most important piece of equipment on the kitebar. Make sure it is properly assembled and kept in clean working order. Always rinse your bar before and after each session, especially in sandy conditions. Before leaving the beach, rinse all sand from the Eject tube and make sure that bearings inside the pulley is well flushed.

Set the release mechanism carefully into the EJECT TUBE as shown, Twist and turn the tube into the collar making sure that notches straddle the pin within the chicken loop collar. Pull the sheeting line to insure proper installation.

The pulley is designed to spin freely. After unpinning your bar once lines are crossed, simply snap control bar to full power temporarily to force the lower half of the sheeting line to un-swivel.

To engage the safely eject, simply grasp the eject tube and push out. (As shown by arrows)

Before ejecting and before launching the kite, make sure that the spinning collar at the chicken loop is attached to the FLAG LINE via the safety leash. (Make sure the padded section is connected to the lower half.) Once you active the primary safety system, you are still connected to the kite by one single line attached to the leading edge. This is why connecting the safety leash is of the utmost importance.

The SECONDARY RELEASE SYSTEM is the second most important item on your bar. Once you ejected, this system will allow you to totally separate you from the kite. By simply pushing away the red tube on the padded leash, you separate your self completely from the kite and lines.

Finally, the most used item on the bar is your DE-POWER LINE. This adjustment is used to control the amount of power in your kite. Simply pull line to decrease power and pull and feed line out to increase power.

Download Instructions:

Complete User Manual for Windwing bar System

CC Bar Diagram
Leash & Loop