How To Fold a Rampage II

Special care should be made to pack your Rampage II kite because of the fragile mini-battens on the leading and traling edge of the kites. Here’s is a quick display of how best to pack and store away your kite:
Begin rolling the kite from the wingtips making sure to roll up on the leading edge and keeping it on the LE.

Roll 1/2 of the kite to center strut and then go to the other side. Roll tightly together, always keeping the LE together on the roll. As you roll, you will notice that the struts will further deflate remaining air in bladder.

Once rolled together, fold the kite in half and squeeze all remaining air out. Note how the mini-battens are nicely framed and preserved by the fold. Insert the kite fold first into the bag and close. Please note that your special Windwing backpack can accommodate the kite with struts inflated. Simply unzip all zippers and expand the bag to accommodate the rolled up kite.
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